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I work across three main areas: Research and Policy; Programmes & Training and Events and Music. Past projects have been varied, ranging from small local initiatives to major national and international work and everything in between. I have worked in countries ranging from Cuba to Latvia; Saudi Arabia to Colombia; Australia to Canada. Below are a few examples

Research & Policy

Dr S T Dancey and Dr Alejandro Castillejo-Cuéllar, Valle del Cauca, Colombia 2018

Changing The Story 2017 - 2021


I’ve been working in Colombia since the 1990s both advising on policy & researching. I’m currently Co-Investigator on this AHRC four year funded project, exploring culture, violence and young people in Colombia and Brazil

Simon Dancey Rio People Palace.jpg

Rio de Janeiro, Peoples Palace Project policy event 2015

Simon Dancey Cultural Diplomacy Programm

Cultural Diplomacy Programme, Harvard University 2017

North American Cultural Diplomacy Initiative 2017 – Present

Programmes & Training

Backstage to the Future: Brazilian Cultural Olympiad & Caribbean 2016 -2018

This training programme provided young people in Brazil and the UK with the opportunities to access different types of backstage jobs within the performing arts and live events sector. The programme formed part of the Brazilian Cultural Olympiad as well as in San Andres, Colombia.

Rio de Janeiro Cultural Olympiad


Compass Point SImon Dancey.jpg

Festivals and Events Management 1995 - 2007

I have worked as a musician and event organiser and promoter since the mid 1990’s. Two highlights include the founding of the the UK’s first International Urban Arts Festival, Compass Point and founding the community Arts record label Complete Control for whom I produced the band Jarcrew


Compass Point

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