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GUADALUPE AÑOS SIN CUENTA, Monterrey Colombia 2001

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Routledge, Chapter (2019)

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Arts Professional, Article (2019)


Further Education News, Article (2019)

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Cultural Policy in Brazil & Colombia

Routledge, Book (2020)

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Cultural Skills Activity in the UK; Singapore, Hong Kong, Burma & Indonesia; Germany, Greece, Poland & Romania; Egypt, Morocco & Saudi Arabia; Brazil & Colombia


Brussels 2020

Live Skills Europe

Keynote Speech

Columbia 2019

AHRC Policy Conference

Policy & Violence Keynote speech

Newcastle  2019

Arts Marketing Association

Keyote Speech

Cardiff 2019

CC Skills National Conference

Keynote Speech

London 2019

UK Ministry of Education / Ministry of Justice

Roundtable Contributor

London 2018

Heritage Lottery Fund

Keynote Speech

Budapest 2018

Central European University

Decolonising Culture and the Imaginary Speech

Cambridge, Massachusetts 2017

Harvard University

Cultural Diplomacy

Trinidad 2017

Think Symposium

Cultural Policy in Latin America - Speech

London 2016


Cultural Skills & Africa - Speech

Vietnam 2015

Education & Skills

Vocational Education & Culture - Speech

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