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Welcome to a place where international culture, research, art and policy meet. I'm Dr Simon Dancey,  an activist and researcher based in Wales and London UK, whilst operating globally and interested in the place where practice and policy collide.


I've been working in the practice and policy construction of culture since the 1990s. My portfolio of works spans from art creation to policy development; from artistic direction to event management and skills training.


I'm also interested in discourse, policy analysis and critique of international culture in all its forms, as well as the management and development of art and cultural activity.  My passion is social transformation, structural change and equality, particularly in terms of Global South/North power inequalities. 

This site aims to show examples of policy and research alongside acting as both an archive of work and a place for live debate via the blog section, with articles on culture past and present 

For more information on cultural policy and research work see the contact page or email me at

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